A little bit about me...

As a young girl, I often played 'pretend' school with my dolls. I would dress up particularly pulling my glasses down to my nose, carrying a pointer and books, and 'whip' my dolls into shape for learning! My mother and my aunt told me stories as I aged of how I was passionate about teaching and learning to anyone who would listen. It's no surprise then that I earned a Master's degree in Teaching and Learning and that I became a licensed educator, spending nineteen years in education!

Thirty-one years ago, I married the man of my dreams. He received military orders that relocated us to Jacksonville, and he is now a retired Navy veteran. We are the proud parents of two young adults who are navigating their way through life. My love to educate has helped them make wise decisions as they journey toward career choices and eventually homeownership!

It was a natural decision to seamlessly transition from being a licensed educator to a licensed Realtor. Why? Simply because I still have a calling to provide quality education to a variety of clientele in the world of Real Estate.

There is nothing more exhilarating than giving expert advice to future homeowners who may find the process of first-time home buying intimidating! How awesome it is to help a high-earning client who is not yet rich invest in income-producing properties! What a thrill it is to assist a client who is adventurous and who wants their property purchases to reflect their love of adventure worldwide! Being a Realtor is not just a job for me; it is the way I educate and assist others in realizing their dreams!

At eXp Realty, I am connected to the cutting-edge technological tools my clients need to build and leave a legacy through property ownership! What are your dreams? What are your goals? Is it homeownership? Investment? Entertaining others in that "Oh so special place"? Whatever your desires, I can help you attain them hassle-free, with attention to detail, and quickly! Let us get to work!